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Dec 5, 2012
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Bump...C&C please.
In my opinion the shot would have been much better if you were 100% center on the road lines. A lower shooting point may have worked better as well, overall nice shot though. It looks like the area my grandmother lives on, super quiet country farm road.
You got the land, you got the sky. They're doing different things, they're not connected in any interesting way. I see no echoes of shapes in one versus the other, I see no relationship between them, really.

Then you got some other stuff on the horizon line which is not pulling its weight, it's just there.

I feel like the verticals, the poles on each side of the road, are trying to pull the sky and land together, but it ain't happening, they need some kind of help there. I think with some different cloud structure, this could be excellent.
OP...nothing to it. OK tech, but looks like Eggelston or Shore style....BORING.

I got a decent country road, it is in my book. But I don't have a link yet. It is a little girl walking down a road looking back at me following her and blasting away. I'm lucky the dad didn't come out with a shotgun. It is hard taking pix when you walk
OK, here is my shot of 'Country Roads' I am a street shooter. So I have an advantage of making pix interesting with people. If you just going to shoot asphalt and nothing happening you should try and get out when the ligting is special to add some mood.

ArtSlant - 'Country Roads'

Another area my pix covers is shooting a subject from behind. Every subject from behind does not look interesting. What a 'from behind shot' needs is an 'answer back.' Something that makes the pix look both ways.

Here is a shot with an answer back...
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