couple mtn pics and elks...c&c???


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Sep 29, 2008
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just taken with a kodak easyshare z650 nothin fancy lemme know what you think.... no touch ups either






The last, I have to say to be honest, is probably your best shot… the others are rather mediocre. The first has nothing really nothing to it… the second has some points to it, but still not that effective, as with the third.
All of your photos could do with an autocorrect, or extra colour enhance/saturation. It seems all are a bit dull, and could do with the brightening.
The last shot is the best, I agree about the post in front, it should be easy to clone out. I think the color quality of this photo is fine - no need for adjustments in my opinion.

In your 3rd shot - on my monitor looks a bit out of focus. Is it an optical illusion because the foreground slopes left, or is the horizon slanting?....I'm not sure. And the sky is really blown out, so I would have left a bit more foreground and shot less sky. Its a pretty shot as far as subject matter though.

The first two don't do anything for me.

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