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    2.) are cable releases compatible with all cameras?
    for example i would like to buy this:
    does it work for view camera, hasselblad, and 35mm or all?

    3.) was is the best method doing a self portrait with a manual camera? i googled and had some pretty varied stuff. i was thinking of focusing on the tripod while seated and returning it to the tripod.

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    Cable releases were universal for pretty much all 35mm film cameras, and some medium formats. I believe a few (The Pentax 6x7 comes to mind) may have used a larger thread, but there are some others who are much more conversant with MF/LF that can answer that for sure.

    If you're doing a self-port with an older manual camera, the best way is so position something where you're going to stand (A child's balloon works well) get the light and exposure correct, determine your focus, and then use the self-timer to capture the image.

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