Couple Pics from the Orchard for C&C!


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Aug 12, 2010
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Cary, NC
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Here are a few quick shots I took this morning at the grape/apple/peach orchard. C&C welcome. :)



some nice photo's i was expecting to see rows and rows of trees with peaches on them
My newbie thoughts:

1: Nice picture. I would crop the bottom off quite a bit. I like the peaches in the background on the left, so would maybe try to keep most of them.
2: Someone will probably gig you for chopping off his toe. :) Nice selection of colors, maybe a little dark? Seems slightly OOF to me. All that said, I like this shot.
3: This one seems blah to me. The moths wings look like they are casting a shadow over it's body.
Good pics.... i like 1 the best... bushels of peaches or the rows of trees would be pretty cool.....
Yeah I would've gotten one of those shots if the trees werent... totally unkempt. It basically looked like just a ton of branches hanging to the ground with peaches that just happened to be growing on them. It was sad really. But the peaches are yum. :D
nice shots. I like #1 the best. I think that #1 and #3 need a little contrast ( atleast on my laptop screen they look this way ) maybe just a minor levels adjustment. #3 looks like it has a very slight color cast to it, yellow I think and could maybe use a very minor exposure tweak.

As for #2, decent shot, nothing fancy, but overall good. I agree about the shoe being clipped. I have like some big pet peeve about that, so it may be just me. Once I notice it, I can't STOP noticing it. haha

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