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Oct 9, 2011
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Georgia, USA
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Hopefully this is in the right forum...

I am shooting photos for my friend and her fiance in July and although it is not a professional shoot (I was asked and I saw a great free opportunity to sharpen my skills), I want it to look great. I will easily have at least $150 by then, but I'm not sure if I will have more. I Currently own a Canon T3, a 18-55mm KIT lens, and a 75-300mm lens (f/4-5.6 I believe). It will most likely be an outside shoot so there will be plenty of light but do you guys feel I should get a 50mm f/1.8, or an external flash? I can't seem to make up my mind.
I would get the flash. You already have the 50mm FL covered, albeit not at a large aperture. The flash will be of more immediate use IMO.
But I've always though you wanted the low aperture for the bokeh?
So the 75-300mm should be fine for this?

If you select the right background, and compose properly, yes. It's called perspective compression, and it's when you make the distance between subject and out of focus background appear much less than it actually is by shooting with a longer focal length (usually 85mm or longer) relatively close to the subject.
Alright then Thanks :) I suppose I can begin looking at a few flashes and pick me up a cord. My T3 doesn't have a flash transmitter so a cord is my only option.
If you want to shoot better, I suggest you buy one, after all, you later also use more times
I'd get the 50 1.8 before a flash. I rarely use a flash for outdoor shooting....mostly a relector.
I say get both. You need both. So get both.
Save some money and get a reflector and keep saving for some good lenses don't waste your money on a plastic 50F1.8, get the F1.4

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