Couples at Centre Pompidou


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Jul 22, 2009
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Hello everyone!
Here is a picture I took recently in Paris at the Centre Pompidou Museum. Originally I had framed this picture with the pigeons and the couple in the center as the main point in the scene. It was supposed to be this sort of funny "pigeons attack" idea until I noticed the other three couples in the scene. I figured the love theme in Paris was a better fit. I think technically I may have missed the focus but any thoughts on composition and the idea in general would be greatly appreciated ;)


best wishes

Gotta love Paris, nice picture
Thank you both for your comments and for stopping by!! :)
The only bad thing about that picture is that I did not shoot it. Keep up the good work.
I like it. I get a gloomy feeling from it though. Would you post original?

Thanks for your time misstwinklytoes!

Here is the original. Unfortunately, that day I only brought my Nikkor 35mm F/1.8 so that's why the people are so far out otherwise I would've zoomed in closer. The day was particularly overcast with some rain. That's partly why I chose to go B&W with this picture but I feel I may have overdone the PP a bit.


This is the cropped version I used and post processed.


Please feel free to mess around with it if you like. I'm still learning how to post process so if you could come up with a better rendition I'd love to see it! I've taken many pictures since I started traveling and this one is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
The only bad thing about that picture is that I did not shoot it. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Arios23! Trust me, this is not what was originally intended but I'm happy that I was so lucky to capture the moment nevertheless.

best wishes

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