Crack and Staircase


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Aug 30, 2006
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Some city architecture:

Nice, great texture and color, but I'm not sold on the crop. I might remove a little on the left to make it a vertical and reduce an area that is pretty flat. It would be interesting to see what the full image looked like and why you chose the square crop.
Thanks for the comment!

Right now the vertical sharp line is dividing the image into two halfs, one (the left half) which is empty and flat, and one with all the more interesting parts in it. This is experimental and done on purpose ... which does not mean it is good ;) .

I also did the crop you suggested, and to me that appeared to balanced to me. Will rethink that option though.
Very neat shot!
I personally wouldn't crop it, IMHO I think the gradation from light to dark grey on the left side provides a visual anchor for the stairs.
Very interesting to say the least. Normally I wouldn't have cared much for this type of subject matter, but when I saw the constrast in both sides of the crack, I just looked and looked. One doesn't see this very often. No crop needed. Nicely done.
Thanks everyone. :)

Maybe I should do more abstract.

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