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A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Mr Rabbit and I went out for a walk yesterday and I found this cracked tree trunk. The light was very low because we were in the trees but I didn't mind using a high ISO (1600) as I intended it to be black and white, I think it worked quite well.
Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

I like it. One thing I like is I have no idea how big it is. I know what it is because you told me, but it could be a huge cliff for all I know. I think maybe you shouldn't tell us what it is.
Thanks John and Tim!

Well damn Tim, I didn't even think of that when I titled it but great point! Doh!
Love the texture and the shapes of the cracks, don't love the OOF piece in the lower right. You could crop most of it out and darken the bit that's left without losing anything. I'd also darken some of the dark areas in the upper left a bit for balance.
Thanks Ken.
I can get on board with that, I do like this version but I'm going to go back out with my 50mm and shoot it again, it is too yummy to not see what else I can do with it ;) , I will play with a closer composition/no foreground when I do :)
I love the tones and textures but the whole thing seems very 2D. Maybe next time you there the light will be different to add a little of the third dimension.
I like this a lot, perfect shot for the loss of color. Good job
I'd agree with KenC that the OOF piece in the LRC is a bit distracting. The allure of this piece of wood is pretty has nifty cracks!!! But, to me, these kinds of photos often benefit tremendously from really high-detail reproduction, and this does not have as much detail as I would like to see. It's an interesting piece of wood. I've seen wood that has similar cracking. I want to like this image. But it's not quite "hooking me". I think it would benefit from a bit more contrast, especially in the mid-tone values, and much lower ISO, and a REALLY high-rez lens treatment, to make it look super real. I do like the very slight warmth of the B&W, and thing that works better and seems more-organic than a cold-tone B&W rendering would.
Thanks so much for your thoughts everyone :) I'm definitely going to carry them all forward and shoot this tree again, I think there are a few good shots left to find and you guys have me headed in the right directions.

I will say that I do like this one and I tried to figure out why, over coffee this morning looking at it fresh I think I've put my finger on it... sorta lol

This version with the stick in the foreground reminds me of something animated I saw when I was young but I couldn't for the life of me tell you what it is. It looks like a still early in the animation process to me, I almost expect some character to come into frame (or want to put one there??) That is the first impression I get when I look at it as a whole.
When I start to look closer at the details it has a pencil drawing feeling to it that I really dig.

Having said that I can see how this version is falling a bit short compared to what "can be", now if it would only stop raining so I can shoot it wet....

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