Crazy good deal?


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Jan 3, 2008
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Edinburgh, Scotland
Is this as good a deal as it looks like, or am I missing something?

On eBay, $1198 + $29.99 shipping to the US:
  • NIKON D80 SLR Digital Camera
  • Nikon 18-70mm Lens
  • Nikon 70-300mm Lens
  • 4 GIG SD Card
  • Filter Kit
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • 5 piece cleaning kit
  • Tabletop Tripod
  • 60" Tripod
  • Hi-Speed USB Card Reader/Writer
  • All Aluminum Hard Case
  • Deluxe Camera Case
The catch for me is that I'm living in the UK; they do ship worldwide but I'm sure I'd have to pay import tax/VAT if I have it shipped to me here. (I *could* have it shipped to family in the US and pick it up when I visit in May, but I don't think I'm that patient.)
I'd say that's a pretty good deal, I don't have any experiences with those two lenses though.
Those deals are all over ebay.
i know someone who bought one long ago
and well she dosent recomend it..

lenses wernt the best ones, and they would have rather got different ones.
the card was some cheap no name memory card, not the one shown in the pics
the tabletop tripod wasnt stong enough to support the camera.
the big tripod was cheap and flimsy
you can get those cleaning kits at the dollar store.
never use the hard case
the soft case wasnt that good

check to see if you can just find the camera body sperate
then 2 lenses seperate for cheaper.

search ebay.

i was thinking of one of those kits when i got my D50 about a year ago..

but instead found a brand new D50 with 18-55 lens for $480 and a new sigma apo dg 70-300 lens for $170.
got a 2gb card for $19

much cheaper than the $1000 kits..
like already said, u get crappy stuff, and its probaly gray market stuff, id just buy from a reputable seller.

id buy the body and the 18-70mm
I'd avoid this. Yeah, all the accessories are usually junk, and this is probably the cheap and junky but "OK" 70-300G lens. Filters are probably the cheap variety, etc.
Guy I know bought the Canon version. All the accessories are throwaways and the tripods are junk.

Get the body and the lens of your the money.

Even the memory card is junk, if you were wondering. Cheap no name thing.

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