Critique for my first exhibit?


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May 1, 2007
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I got into a school exhibit and my professors recommended these shots, which both print very nicely. Any input?


The first doesn't do a lot for me I'm afraid. As for the second, I was just getting ready to rubbish it for not having anything actually in it, but I can't because I do really like it nonetheless - there's something very calming about it.
two is good, maybe try to move the focus point (the hill) to the left.
great candid - old car, dreary weather, and a weathered individual .... perfect

is he on his way to pick up more smokes and booze?

maybe on his way to the hospital to visit a sick relative?

or just reporting to the same old small town factory job he's had for 23 years...

great shot... i wouldn't change a thing except for the aqua fleck on the driver door..
Both of these are quite nice; although my only niggler is that it looks like hes in a low rider due to the angle of the camera. Otherwise - well done.
I really like both. The colors in the second one are really mellow, it's great.

The first one looks really honest, if that makes any sense. Just kind of a random bit of life.
Thanks for the comments. Both images will be blown up to about 30x40 or so. I will try to get some pictures of them hanging.

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