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Feb 25, 2013
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Myrtle Beach Sc
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new at this share your thoughts and suggestions please.


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Very nice; the only critique I would offer would be to reduce the brightness of the bright/blown spot upper left; it really grabs the eye and pulls it away from the main scene.
I agree with tirediron, also the only other thing that I don't like is the tree in the middle of the frame. Blocking the rest of the stream. I would either get a tighter picture, or different view all together. By the looks of it, its a great place and to have nice little rapid and have the stream come from far off in the view, really adds to the feel of it overall. If you get the chance to shoot it again, move to the left of this shot and see how you can get the whole stream unobstructed and all the way back.
Agree about the bright spot (I'd even clone leaves over it), but I like the tree. It fits into the composition nicely and doesn't block an interesting part of the stream. Also has some character - good texture and nice roots.
you might want to crank down the size of your posted images, say about 1200 on the longest side.
Looks very inviting, nicely photographed. It looks like the kind of place that would be great to photograph again and play around with shooting from slightly different angles. If it's possible to do that on these rocks without falling into this lovely stream!
What editing software do you have?

IMO, it's over saturated and under exposed. The white balance is good.

I used ACR (Camera Raw & Lightroom's Develop module are both ACR) and Photoshop.
Add at least a full stop of exposure. Decrease the Vibrance. Increase the Clarity (mid-tone contrast). Selectively Sharpen some of the foreground elements.
As suggested clone some foliage into the bright spot.

Over saturated, I like it other than that. Natural colors are so much nicer.
I like it, I agree with the comment about selectively sharpening the foreground elements, will add some more depth to the shot
Personally I think the composition is boring, the colors are off, it's underexposed, had too short a shutter speed, and the shot looks blurry due to the jacked-up clarity used in processing.
I want to say thank you to all the comments and suggestions. I am learning a lot with your help I am using a Nikon D5100 with a kit lens for equipment. Before I spend a lot of money on different lens I want to make sure I can learn this talent. As for editing software I am using light room 5 and I just got the program like a week ago. I still am trying to learn what each adjustment does. I am also trying to figure out what I want my final image to look like. I have the originals I will post so that it can be compared.
This was the original and the second one is some adjustments i made after your comments am i on the right path?


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