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Nov 18, 2007
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Hello All,

I am fairly new to the photography world. It has long been a hobby I wanted to pick up on, and I finally took the dive last month. I have no formal education pertaining to photography, and am very inexperienced. I was hoping for some opinions & suggestions here. I use a basic D40 with kit lens, VR 200mm Nikkor, & SB 600. I appreciate your time and am hoping I can learn more about technique here on the board.







you're headed in the right direction for sure. I like the second one the best.
Just an FYI though...
Turn down your ISO when you shoot at night if you don't need it high. If you're on a tripod...ISO 100 is fine. You get way less noise, and most of your shots suffer from excess noise. Good shots, though...
with the first picture, i think the other two trees on the side as a bit of a 'side note' kinda thing are distrating

perharpsy ou ocould centre them more, or just put the one tree on

right not its distracting away from teh main tree there
I'd prefer to critique a beginner in the Galleries, where these kinds of threads belong... ;-)

The first one has the most potential for improvement. Compositionally, I'd have shot it from a slightly lower angle, thus separating the opposite shore and sky-line and visually placing it under the trees. Also, I would have cropped that tree on the far left - either in or out, but the split doesn't help tell the story here. I love the bright leaves on the grass, they have me torn because for my taste the image is over-saturated. But the hyper-saturation makes the little leaves pop. I'd guess you'd want to treat the grass and leaves differently from the trees. Finally, I prefer people in a shot, something to add some life and tension.

The second one is too noisy, lower ISO is a good suggestions. Compositionally it's good.

The others are o.k., but not my taste. It's fun to be out at night though, I know the feeling. Good work, keep shooting, keep sharing.

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