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Jan 12, 2009
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Chicago Transit At Work

Which one do you like best... If any. Feel free to say you dislike them all. I want to improve on my composition and depth. (I personally like the 3rd one the best)




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#1 jumped out at me. I like them all, but the comp on #1 pulls my eyes in the best. Nice work.
Yes. 1 it is.
The others sport too much of that white, blown sky, but in the first, the total exclusion of sky, and those lines, switches, crosses, bows, the condension of the entire scene produced by the use of a telephoto lens ... all those elements make that one the most compelling.
Composition is one thing that I have been actively working on aswell. So I understand where your coming from. I agree too that #1 is the best. The reason I think that the others aren't 10's is because the stoplight on the right draws too much attention. It makes the picture seem heavy on that side. Though, I do understand what you are trying to accomplish with it. Your subject matter is great, btw. :thumbup:
Thank you everyone for responding. I liked #1 also, but I almost like the flared, silhouetted layers of buildings in the distance, which is why I chose #3. I know it is pretty overexposed, but it added to the grainy griminess of working on the tracks. But I think you've all convinced of #1.

Any other opinions? Thank YOU!
I really like number one, the way it all pulls together plus the tone of it all. I think in the other ones there is just too much dead space, perhaps if they were cropped differently they'd be more compelling. Though I think three and four tie for second.

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