Cuban Coast.


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Jan 6, 2009
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Northern Alberta
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Shots taken at Dusk after the sun has fallen. wish i had a coloured filter with me there for the sky. both shots about 20-30 seconds at F22. Fuji Velvia 50.

Wow. Liking the first one better. House is a little distracting in it but the water area is better
The first one is great. The second one has way too much distortion for my liking.
I like the house in the first one, it gives the eye something nice to wander off to after looking at the foggy cliff. Great job
Thanks everyone for the comments, i also preferr the first one, but i like the composition of the second one better, but the cliffs and water just did not give the same effect.
I love the first one, mainly because of the water, but also because of the house. Wonderfully placed, there but not really a point of focus.

As for the second one, great composition, but I don't really like the look of the water. Other than that it's a good picture.
i really like the look of the water in the second one.

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