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May 18, 2011
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Yokosuka Kanagawa Japan
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got a few snaps a an old baracuda and would love for you guys to C&C them.
Again Im trying things from a different perspective with not incorporating the entire car in the shots how am I doing?
ISO 400 28mm f/13 1/1000 sec

ISO 400 28mm f/13 1/125 sec

ISO 400 28mm f/13 1/400 sec

Nice Shots. Sweet car. I see a few things. The background in all of them is distracting. I would have stepped down some to leave the background OOF. Also on #3 the crop on the right of the image is too tight and you clipped just a tad of the bumper.
First off I think the photos and angles are great. Did you use a polarizer? If not I would suggest one. I just noticed some of the reflections that are a little distracting. Overall I love the photos and the content. What year is that? 1970? that's definitely my favorite year. What a crazy car to find in Japan
Thanks for impputs guys been helpful. WM I did not use a polarizer all i had for this shoot was a fixed 28mm. If I remember right it was a 70 Cuda and I saw it at aclassic hot rod / rat rod car show.

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