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Aug 16, 2006
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Ely England
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Had a play and pushed this one.

Other than the street lights - nothing much changed for a couple of hundred years.
Your wish is my command, along with my more usual treatment for printing on Art paper for a charity auction.


Why do you think you need a treatment (HDR or whatever) that loses all those shadows? Without shadowns and highlights many images lose emotion. I think your original leaves plenty to work with for a nice easy treatment of processing.
The first one was just playing around to see what came of it - not to be kept just to stir up you lot!. The last two are done to print on Paper from an acrylic artist pad and this effect seems popular in charity auctions and the like or on notlets and postcards for charity. These can be printed without loss on any media at the "plain paper"setting of inkjet or laser printer.
Like the unedited version the best. The HDR is way too bright and overexposed looking to me. Looks like you may not have bracketed low enough.
This is not HDR - reduced to "drawing" then in by layers to see what could be done building them up in "Elemants" as I have been trying to get used to this as against CS5 as have some tutorials to do with youngsters who have access to Elements. Not easy to navigate if not using the standard shortcuts when you have been using Photoshop since it first came out! They call things some odd names and put them on menus in the most unlikely places - OK if you come to it for the first time and not been spoilt!

The un-edited - with a little bit more punch added in "curves" printed up well on A4
Unedited one is much nicer, still could use a little TLC..

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