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Nov 10, 2011
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Engagement shoot from last week. These two were a lot of fun once the nervousness wore off.
D3 with the 85 1.4 and natural light.
Their full gallery is here if anyone has interest:!i=1699757273&k=n7DDSpn




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I really like these. Good composition and contrast. My only nit is that there appears to be a bit too much blue tint in the images, particularly number 4.

Well done.
I like the ones shown. They show a certain intensity in both passion and caring. Great set. The first one I had to chuckle, their eyes are saying "what cha looking at, move along buddy". :lol:
The crop on 3 is really strange... Not sure where you were going with that.

And the processing on 4 doesn't really work for me. The image looks soft overall. Otherwise, nice set.
Agree with above crop comment, made me look twice at it...I do like the set much!
Thanks for the comments everyone, appreciate it.

That is so funny you said that because when they showed up they were pretty nervous, so we did some role playing. I told them to pretend they had snuck off for a quick kiss from their tour group...and I was shooting them kinda fooling around...then I said in a loud voice "hey what are you two doing back here" that is the look I got.....

Four is a romantic moody shot so glowed and toned a bit.

Here is a more traditional crop for 3

no worries...

In processing I added the tint and glow for effect. It is supposed to be romantic, soft and moody, I have a black and white version that would have probably been better to post on the forum, as the effect is more apparent in B&W.

Your re-edit is a different kind of returned the shot to pretty much its original look.
One of the cool things about photography is seeing different versions/takes of the same shot.
I love these!
When the girl is being kissed on the neck, I think the feeling of it would be better if she didn't look into the camera.. I think it looks a bit weird.

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