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Nov 5, 2007
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I'm sure there are many threads on this, but I need somewhere where I can sort this out. I've been going back and forth between the XT and D40.

From what I read somewhere on the D40 you can't view what you are shooting on the LCD, is this true? Would the extra ~2MP make much difference? How do CF cards compare to the SD cards? Which camera is better overall? Which is easier to use?

Is there anything I should know about these cameras? I already am aware of the lens motor issue with the D40 and for now it wouldn't be much of a problem.
I don't think you can use your LCD as a viewfinder on either of the camera's. I think that's something you do away with when you get into dSLR's. The point of an SLR is that you can look through the lens instead of a viewfinder.

I think everyone will tell you that the glass in front of the sensor is going to be more important than the sensor itself to a certain degree. If your planning on just sticking with a kit lens and using it as a point and shoot, I think the Nikon kit lens is quite a bit better than the garbage on the Canon. And now I'm going to be verbally chastised for telling you to base your purchase on a kit lens.

As far as cards go, I have a lot of experience with SD and less with CF. Pro's apparently like CF more for some reason, but I think as a casual shooter SD would be fine. SD's you can pop in and out super easy where I remember on my brothers XT it was a bit of a pain to get the CF card back in. And apparently bent pins can be pretty common and are expensive to get repaired.
Antithesis is right, the LCD will not shoot live view with either camera.

Personally, I like the XTi better than the XT and the D80 better than the D40 for many reasons, however given the choice between the D40 and the XT I think it all comes down to lenses and the rest of the camera system. Which lenses are you most pleased with, and most likely to use. Which camera feels better in your hands.

The 2mp "issue" really doesn't matter, and as far as image quality goes both are excellent.

The card types are a non-issue as far as I am concerned, both are reliable and similarly priced.

If you buy the kit lenses, Nikons standard kit lens is a LOT better than the Canon one. However, PLEASE do not make your buying decision based upon which camera has the best kit lens, no matter what the brand.
i think the entry level olympus is the only dslr with a live view if that's what gets you going. .
I don't mind not having the live view. Not a huge problem at all. Just would be nice in some occasions, but I guess that's one reason why to keep my current PaS.

Tomorrow (Or tonight) I will go back to Best Buy and test them both again, see which I like best since they are both so close...

The XT is also known as the 350D right?

We must restore democracy.

*just kidding* :lol:
I've always been partial to Canon's and I own a 350D myself.

However I've used a couple different D-series Nikons and I don't mind them at all.
I chose based on handleing and the D40 won hands down:)
Personally I think the D40 is going to be easier to use, especially if this is your first SLR, digital or otherwise. You'll also get a bigger screen on the D40 so it will be easier to see. For just every day shooting 6mp is more than enough for most people. One of the advantages to CF cards is that you can get larger capacities, but a 4GB SD on 6 or 8 megapixels is still a lot of pictures. Lastly, I agree with the second poster even though it may be benign, the lens on the D40 is better for sure.
The photo mag. point of view is that the XT is the better camera over the D40.

If I were you I wouldn't be looking at these cameras, I'd be looking at an XTi and a D80, or at least D40x.

I don't know which camera I would pick out of the ones you are looking at, sorry.

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