What's a good external DVD burner.


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Jul 16, 2007
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I am looking into purchasing an external DVD burner. Any recommendations?
I had a Pioneer a few years ago that was good. It was USB 2.0 and came with the Nero Suite of burning programs.

Cool. Thanks. I was looking at a Pioneer on the Best Buy site. It had good ratings.
What timing - I just bought one two weeks ago. I've been a fan of LaCie but they don't have DL drives apparently. So I went for an LG drive, their GSA-E10L model. They have slightly faster ones out there now, but I didn't care about 6x vs 8x for DVD-R DL.

It works well for me, no problems.

Regardless of what drive you get, I recommend buying from newegg.com because they are one of the cheapest places out there for computer hardware; I've bought a fair amount of stuff from them and have never been disappointed.
Forget Best buy. They are overpriced and crap.
Go to NCIX.com or Newegg.com. both reputable sites, with much lower prices.
in the world of DVD burners, LG is king.

Here's what you'll most likely want.

Just a computer guy tryin to save the camera guys some money..I know it's confusing what to buy most of the time.

(btw I'm not just saying what I heard...I use LG burners exclusively now that I've tried about 5 or 6 brands...they ARE the best)

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