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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by RMThompson, Aug 20, 2007.

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    I did a wedding on Saturday, and learned a few things.

    1. Spanish music can make anyone dance.
    2. No wedding in the history of the world has started on time.
    3. I need more than 3 sets of batteries for my SB-800.

    On that last note, I couldn't tell if my batteries got low or if I was just shooting too fast and it overheated? The flash was certainly hot to the touch, as were the batteries when I replaced them.

    Anyway, late into the evening, all my batteries had been exhausted. It was OK, since I was already cleared to leave if I wanted to, but I hung out for the fun and to possibly catch a few tender moments at the end. (I did, the Bride and her father hugging).

    Well one of the last dances was the Groom and Bride alone again, something the DJ didn't prepare me for, and I already had packed the flash away. I flipped the D50 on and figured even with the ON CAMERA flash, it would be a decent shot.

    Except my on camera flash didn't work. It flipped open, like it was GOING to work, but it never did. Still doesn't. I took it home, changed the battery on the camera, and nothing. I set it on AUTO and made sure the flash was on AUTO and still nothing.

    (Now that I write this I realize I never tried putting it on manual to FORCE a flash. Crap. Gotta try that.)

    Anyone have any DIY things I can try before I take this hunk of junk to the camera store? LOL


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