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Apr 8, 2006
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I'm new to the forum but not entirely new to photography. I've not used a DSLR before since my knowledge is limited to the ancient manual SLRs.

I've got the option of buying a D50 or D70s (not a D70 with a firmware upgrade, but the genuine article) for the same price from a reputable supplier. They come with the usual two lens kits.

However, I'm not sure which one to go for since the reviews I've read clearly indicate that the D50 has a sharper output than the D70s.

Even Nikon UKs website has the D50 listed above the D70s.

Menu fiddliness aside, if I want quality alone, what should I go for? They are both 6MP units but am I right to believe that the CCD quality is that much better in the D50? Could I not adjust the camera settings on the D70s to produce pictures as sharply as the D50 i.e. with less noise at the same ISO levels.

Does anyone have side by side experience of the two cameras to give me some sound advice.

I've posted a similar message on other forums, but the only response so far is to read other people's non-comparative reviews....so not very helpful.

Any constructive advice will be gratefully received.
hi, I own a D50, but i havent owned a D70s.... however i have shot with a D70...... all i would say really is, if you can get either camera for the same price... personally i would choose the D70s. Dont get me wrong i love my D50.... its an awsome camera for the price.... but the D70s does have more features and options.... whether you think you'd use those extra features... is up to you, you may not need them.
Yes the D50 does produce great results with a high iso setting..... compared to other camera's the noise is fairly low, so thats a plus.... have you checked the comparisons on dpreview.com?.... you'll see all the tests there.
But overall, i would still choose the D70s..... i get the impression with alot of these 'top 10 camera ratings' that they have to take in consideration what you get for your money.... this is partly why the D50 always has a good rating.... for the money its an exeptional camera.... but if money isn't an issue... i think most people would opt for the full features of the D70s.
Just out of interest, where/who is this reputable supplier?..... are you in england?
If they're the same price then getthe D70s! And then tell me where you got it from!

If there was the usual ÂŁ200 price difference though I would (and have -today!) gone for the d50. To be honest, there isn't a great deal more in the d70 that I would use.
Thanks for the help guys.

Sadly it's a one time offer only. It was a promotional offer given to a dealer friend of mine in the US and he's giving me first pick.

It's a hard decision and I haven't even considered the Canon Rebel XT offer yet for the same price :(

This is giving me a major headache!!! All I wanted was to get a decent DSLR. Am I trying to strive for perfection?...probably..in which case I'll never be happy with any of them :( and I'm not anything like you more knowledgeable and keen people.

Maybe I should get the D70s and sell it on!!
aeroadster said:
Maybe I should get the D70s and sell it on!!

Not a bad idea!..... you could still afford a D50 and maybe some extras... spare battery, sd card etc

Seriously tho.... if its a case of being able to pick one in that range of camera, i would go for the D70s.... some people on here shoot with one and the resaults are always good..... also take in to account the types of lenses you can aquire for it..... although there isn't much difference in glass, some would say nikon make the better lenses.

Whichever of the above mentioned you decide, they're all good and everyone gets the decision headache when it comes to purchasing.

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