D5300 with 18-55mm VR2 lens.


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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I have had this for about 1 maybe 1.5 years. its in mint condition and working perfectly, I decided to pick up a D7200 for the extra features that i though would be really nice to have and i really don't need 2 camera body's so i guess i am gonna sell this one.

you get the the camera body, the charger, battery strap, 2 batterys and the usb cable. there is a screen protector on the flip out screen. its a nice camera that takes very good photos.

did not feel like pulling the 500mm lens off of my D7200 so i just shot these photos with my little point and shoot, sorry about the lousy photo quality.

asking 575.00. for the D5300 and 15-55mm kit lens. shipping to U.S.A. only and I will only accept paypal.

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...none of my business,but if you're not hurting for money,a second body is useful.If you have to send 1 in for repair,or just want to take friend/relative out shooting with you.Either way....Good luck with sale!
yeah, i though about keeping it for a minute but i feel that i do not really need it. the less stuff you own the better IMO, just one more thing to lay around and take up space that probably wont get much use anymore.
nope, i rent a room from someone and well i have allot of stuff that all has to be in my room so i am running out of space lol..
Good luck on selling your d5300.

And don't worry about the backup body thing. I had a d7000 and a d600 at the same time for over a year and a half. Never really used the d7000. and I didn't use it at all when I sent in the d600 for it's sensor cleaning / new shutter. I recently sold it after that, and don't regret selling it either even though I do a lot of shooting. Considering I'm not a paid pro ... it made no sense in it just sitting around.
ill sweeten the deal a little bit, ill throw in the 18-55mm VR2 ket lens which i have never really used, I have only snapped a few photos with this lens. i edited the original post and added the kit lens in there too.

i want to get the new sigma 150-600 sport lens, selling this will help fund that.
still for sale, make me a offer.
still for sale, its just setting around, 425.00 shipped

D5300 body, 18-55mm lens, 2 battery's and charger.

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