d80, slow to respond?


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Nov 22, 2006
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Lindsay, Ontario
HI folks...i have 2 d80's...occasionally i have a problem that when i press the shutter release, nothing happens., then works again in a few seconds.....seems completely random. I do not get an error message and i would not think that it is a capture problem, as i am not shooting quickly. i have tried using faster cards, no difference. With the talk of failing shutters, i have to wonder, is this the prelude to a dead shuttter? happens on both cameras, and both cameras are under a year old with high use. happens on camera with full or nearly dead battery too. any ideas?
what do you think?
Are you sure it's autofocusing correctly? If it doesn't think something is in focus it won't release the shutter (as I'm sure you know, but maybe had overlooked). Might be the problem.
that happens to me sometimes if I'm too close and the lens can't autofocus. It has to focus before it'll take a shot.
I've had the same thing happen. I go with the answers given above and hope they are right. It's funny I never thought much about it until you posted.
my D70 does it sometimes, a simple flick of the power switch on then off fixes it

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