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Feb 14, 2009
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Hello, I am a newbie here. I just got my d90 yesterday and love it. I am however having trouble programing my function button and need your help. What i want it to do is let me "access the top item in my menu" being either the vivid or standard type picture. I have the option set but when i press the function button it does not do anything. I have programmed the function button to use some of the other options just testing it. It works so that leads me to believe that its me being a moron. Any help would be appreciated.
Hey... welcome to the forum and enjoy your new D90....

I don't think you can jpeg picture controls on the function button because it isn't something you could normally adjust with your thumbwheel.... it's more of menu type thing....

I don't have a D90 so i'm not sure..... if it doesn't work you could always put the option in your custom menu so you can find it easier..

someone with a D90 may be better to respond..

good luck
Here's a quick way:

1. Hit the Info button on the back of the camera, it's near the bottom right corner of the LCD. This should light up the screen showing your current camera settings.

2. Hit the button again which will activate the bottom menu where you can adjust your color mode, d-lighting, noise reduction, etc. Use the arrows to scroll left or right until you find the "Assign Function Button" option and hit "OK"

3. Scroll down the list until you find the "Access items in the top menu" then hit ok again. You're all set, let me know if you have any more questions

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