D90 w/ 18-105 kit lens

George McCabe

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Mar 1, 2009
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Cape May, NJ
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So I picked up the D90 kit from BH and I love the camera but feel restricted with the kit lens. I am very very new to photography in general so my early impressions could be jaded by my inexperience.

I am finding certain portrait photos being blurred and some outdoor shots having way too much light.

Could anyone point me in the right direction of some useful beginner tutorials?
The book Understanding Exposure is pretty much a universal recommendation around here when it comes with dealing with exposure issues. Post a couple of shots as well as the exif data(shutter speed, aperture, ISO) and you will get some feedback pretty quickly on how to fix the issue you had with a particular shot.
you shouldnt feel restricted with the 18-105, its a great lens

Depends on what he is trying to photograph. I mean if they are trying to take photos that require a long zoom they would feel restricted. Thats about the only restriction besides aperture that I can think of.

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