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Oct 9, 2007
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Harlem New York
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hows everybody been?
i havent been the greatest i was in a bad motorcycle accident and was just released from the hospital. i was on a highway when some cut me off and clipped my front tire and knocked me into a guardrail THEN THEY KEPT GOING!!. i was rushed to the hospital by helicopter and am doing much better now and VERY LUCKY> i have a broken leg, broken ankle, broken foot, 2 broke toes, fractured sternum, and alot of road rash but im feeling much better. just wanted to let you guys know who may have heard the news im doing MUCH better, feeling much better, and will be active again. i see my orthopedic this week and hopefully my leg brace will all come off next week and ill have full movement of my foot again. thanks everyone who had messaged me.
Oh, :shock: - I didn't know and hey, that sounds bad. More so since it was a hit and run! No one there to compensate for all your trouble and money to pay for the medical treatment! That's bad. Boy, that's bad!
I'm glad to hear you sound so positive about things, telling us how much better you are, when I think you must, in fact, still be badly off with that brace and the many fractures in that one leg (all in one leg, the one you fell on first and the bike fell on, too?). Whoa, that DOES sound bad! Sorry, I never knew...
Sheesh! Did anyone catch their license plate? This is what's happening here, folks! Total disregard for whom else is on the road, more so if it's a biker. I've seen my fair share, thank the above it hasn't yet happened to me.

Rest, get well and get back on the saddle in time. Let me know what I can do from this end of things.

Be well.
get well soon KalmK
From an ex-biker to you, glad to hear things are coming along well.

I only had a single cutoff by someone and I tore off after them until I gathered my wits back and thought better of it. The guy was behind me for miles on a double lane and just as it was merging into a single lane and I was moving over, he decided to gun it and fly by me. He ran me off the road, but luckily it was quite smooth and nothing happened.

The only other incident with a "cager" I had was the guy who sat nearly on my back tire in a full size truck with his high beams on. He would click them off every time an oncoming car appeared, and flick them back on when they passed. I finally had enough of him and left him in the dust on a long steep uphill while he struggled to keep the speed limit.
Don't know you (Hi, I'm Kristina) but am glad to hear you are okay. I used to have a GSXR 600 and ended up selling it last february after finding out my husband and I were having a baby.

People, both cagers and riders, are being alot more aggressive. You definitely have to look out for yourself and always, ALWAYS wear gear. Sometimes I miss it, but i definitely don't miss the near death experiences!

Heal up quick! What kind of bike do you have? Or had?
Oh noooooo! So sorry to hear of your accident, and that the person who hit you didn't have the cojones to stop. That's quite a list of injuries...I hope your recovery is speedy. And that there is karma for that driver.
heres the bike i had and have


Glad to hear you're on the mend. Not sure the bike is going to get any better though. In my time on two wheels, I had a few scrapes, but never anything as serious as you've experienced here. Get well soon
As a rider, I am sorry to hear this, and hope you are back on your feet (and bike) soon.

I had something similar happen last year, but fortunately my outcome was without injury. A guy in a rice-burner "thump car"....with the bass so loud it was rattling the windows...didn't hear my bike next to him and came over on me. The hard boot kick in his driver door did get his attention, thankfully, otherwise I would have been into the curb.
Oh my...Good luck with your recovery. I hope they catch whoever it was.
to the OP,
That hit and run driver probably just did not like bikers, or maybe it some old person driving. Or where you cutting through traffic? I know its generalizing, but usually bikes like yours are not the politest drivers on the road.
The other person was in the wrong by not stoping

Either way, too bad you got injured so badly

i was steady in the far left lane speed limit 55 traffic moving around 60-63 i was doing about 65-68(honestly) (in the fast lane for quite awhile) the driver was a older women who 100* ABSOLUTELY DID NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO LOOK IN HER MIRROR AND SEE WHAT WAS THERE. then after she hit me she slowed down looked at me fall and took off.
Wow..."ex" rider here too (stopped riding just before I was pregnant).

Sounds like you are on the mend!!! Hope your recovery is speedy!!

Any word about the other driver????? Ever catch them?

Gosh....that sure was a nice bike....

accidents do happen and yes, we're glad you're ok. though there are pretty many activities to do in this world that wouldn't cause you that accident and it wouldn't hurt to be not do the usual things that put us in danger.
Well with any luck at all she's got stomach cancer now and is rotting in an alley somewhere. :irked:

Hope everything mends well.. :thumbup:

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