Dan Winters lighting technique


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Jun 8, 2010
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For my large format (4x5) class I am wanting to mimic Dan Winters style of photography and lighting in the photos listed below for my final project:

Dan Winters Photography

the photo above it looks to be Loop style key light or maybe closer to Rembrandt? Somewhere in between with a spot light for the back drop? Is the light on the back drop just from the key light? Almost looks like he is using a snoot (or that thick aluminum foil to make his own dish) to get that spot light look as well.

Dan Winters Photography

this one its looks like a split with fill or possibly Rembrandt lighting with a spot on the back drop?

Dan Winters Photography

this last one looks like it was Paramount but he turned his head slightly almost giving it a slight Loop style with a fill light it seems and spot light on the back drop?Does that sound pretty accurate or am I way off? Anything else that you notice or know of that is specific to his styling? Ive got a few weeks to figure this out and "perfect" it before shooting. Ill be using Kodak Ektachrome 100G (Color Slide) film with a Calumet Cambo camera.
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