Dandelion Wishes


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Dec 13, 2005
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This was a spontaneous shoot with a family friend.. I thought it came out pretty cute. What do you think?
Very cute!

I kindof wish the top of her head were included in both, and that her elbow was showing in the second...but they're still fantastic.
the second one is taken from the same spot as the first, but I did it both ways and personally preferred the second one zoomed in so that's just how i cropped it in PS.
Awww! I really wish I could take photos of my kids (customers) outdoors. I love it, but the studio thing does get old at times :er:
These are precious!! great photos and such a great keepsake!
REally gorgeous.. what a cutie... her mummys going to LOVE them! Love the presentation too... is this how you are presenting it?writing, matting etc? very cool xx
Yeah I'm matting it like this for the family :) I'm so glad y'all liked it! that certainly makes me feel inspired! I'm improving! heh.

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