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Jul 7, 2013
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One was done through layers, the other in-camera setting. Apparently the camera doesn't take red in the shade. Other than that, still feel like something is missing, maybe a train?

Thank you, Weepete and Whiskeyjack, my follow up question is, when to use the single color setting in the camera? Does anyone have an example when only one color, red, green,yellow or blue is presented? I have another picture here that seems to have the same problem.

The answer is... pretty much never. There are some regular Joes out there who find this type of photography to be awesome... but they're usually the ones that also think everything shot with an instagram filter is good, too. You've done the selective color now move on to bigger and better things!
Selective colour has it's place, I feel it works with a single object that contrasts it's background, it needs to tell a story. I used it in this shot.

Fire Hydrant by JoneeBlack, on Flickr
Aye mate, it does have its place - usually the bin.

Selective colour can, very occasionally be used to produce a nice photo, but too often its used in an effort to add interest to a meaningless boring photo. Its now been overused to the point where its cliched and best avoided.

If you are a fan of it you might want to try this month's photo challenge.

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