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Jun 9, 2013
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Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK
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I shot this last year, using a white transparent veil and Dani, the model, stroke me some awesome poses. This is the nicest one I had in the homemade studio I had.
I know that landscape format for portrait are not very popular but I think it's a good shot so I would like to share it. Critics and comments are also very welcome.

$JoeLeBean.jpg retouched $JoeLeBean-Dani.jpg
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I think that the lighting, composition, and pose are absolutely stunning and gorgeous...


There's something about the model's left eye... It's distracting, because you can see only eyelid, with just a hint of the eyelashes peeking out from behind the nose, and when you add in the locks of blonde hair behind it, my eyes are drawn to that one area as opposed to the image as a whole.
I think the landscape orientation works in this case. Nice lighting and I like the effect of the veil, especially where her finger is touching it. :)
Isn't fabric fun?! What kind of material was the veil made from? I've used lace before with some cool results.

There's another trick I've heard about wrapping black nylon pantyhose around your lens; supposed to give an old film noire kind of effect.
Beautiful shot.
Thanks everyone :)

-Michael9000000, I see what you mean and know it really jumps out !! I guess i will give it a photoshop touch :)

-Jowensphoto, I don't really the fabric, I saw it and bought without question while shopping in a market. It is great fun to play around with. About the pantyhose, it is awesome to play with, I tried with a light brown denier15, the images were not great but there are some interesting effects to play with. A friend advice to go for pantyhose denier 6 as they are finer. I might give it a try if I find some.

-In case of some would like to know the setting: a veil in front, a large white board on the side to reflect studio light on bulb, black background all around.
Thanks everyone :)

-Michael9000000, I see what you mean and know it really jumps out !! I guess i will give it a photoshop touch :)

Joe, my critique was just a minuscule observation, but thanks for taking it in stride.

That photo was worlds above and beyond anything I've ever done!
Michael, your critique makes a huge difference to me and to the photo. Honestly this detail really bothers me and I can't believe I missed it. Critics, comments, observations are all welcome :)
I also noticed another annoying detail while I did the re-touch...all changed now!!
I can now sleep better.

You're a gentleman, thank you very much again :)
huh... that's a very cool idea. Nicely done. Great mood.

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