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Daria #2


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Aug 8, 2011
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another pics of Daria..

They are fine photographs but some ladies might think they are too sharp.
Not bad at all! A couple of very minor nits: The hair seems almost like it's been over-sharpened (but that may just be an optical illusion), and in #1, there seem to be some process artifacts near her lower lip, as if some hair had been removed.
Wow, that is very nice.

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Overall good. Suggestions are:
1) Image number 1 the fingers are a little too heavy on the lower lip, they should be delicate almost barely touching as opposed to squashing and distorting the lip. This will look a little more natural and prevent the nail actually entering into the mouth pulling down and exposing the bottom row of teeth/gums which isn't very flattering.
2) Makeup and retouch is ok however the dry lips show either you forgot to clean them up, or nothing was applied to make them better during the shoot. It doesn't make sense to have perfect skin and eye makeup and then have ashy lips.
3) If you intend to shoot straight on like this almost symmetrically composed model, make sure she is dead centre.
4) Seems to be some white lump things in the middle of each eye on the lower eyelid, most prominent in left eye.
5) Second image eye whites are too white and don't look natural anymore.
Very nice, and you got some great C&C! :)

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