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Aug 8, 2011
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some pic that i love from my last shots

Very nice I like the lighting! :)
Of these two I like the head position of the first one more but too much is cropped off so I like the composition of the second better.
Donde - which one is better of these two ? :

ruggedshutter thanks!
i agree with you but on image #3 we cant see her open jacket..
JohnnyWrench said:
Number 3 is mesmerizing.

Yes, agreed, I can only imagine how incredible it could have been as a "tall"...without all that unused white space pulling the eyes away from her, in all her glory. I like the lighting on the leather jacket on the left side of the frame, but her hair could benefit from some lightening on the right hand side...the hair just sort of merges into a jumble of blackness, with no real hair detail showing.
Derrel should i try to crop the image without the white space?
here is the cropped one

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Oh...My...Goodness!!! BAM! 50% more impact! I took your second frame and looked at it cropped more to a square-ish aspect ratio, but lightened the skin tones a bit, and dodged the hair on the right hand side, to be able to see more of those gorgeous raven locks. I think in all your originals that the hair is just a bit too dark, on both the main light side and on the shadowed side.

8_frame 2nd_lightened_hair dodged.JPG

8_frame 2nd_cropped_lightened_hair dodged.jpg

I am not a very skilled retouching artist, but I think if there were one thing that would elevate this shot to the next higher level via retouching, it would be to clone in a little broader lower lip highlight on the left side of her lip, so the highlight is more equal across the lower lip.
Of the last two you posted I like the second better. You're taking some great photos of a great model.
anyone wanna try to edit my #2 photo for the best results ?
by the way this is my new edit without crop:
*look at the eyes makeup in the pictures - which one is better ?

regular makeup

new makeup

new makeup + new hair
שיער בהיר.jpg
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