Radom picture of one of my boys


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Oct 15, 2011
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Central Texas
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First 3 or 4 years of playing with a DSLR was shooting my kids. Common story no doubt.

When my first was born (pictured here) my Dad let me borrow his D200, after a year or so he told me to keep it (and the 18-70 kit lens). That's what this, and the vast majority of my vast library of kid pictures have been taken with.

Anyways.....this was a momentary opportunity, not a shot i could really recreate, if i was able to do it over, id hope to avoid the shadow on the left, and preposition to allow the holes on the backside of the tube to align symmetrically with the front holes. Alas, I was just circling the playground snapping away, and he was only in this spot about 10 seconds........so i got what i got.

Editing wise, I added clarity and contrast in attempt to highlight the dirt on the tube, and also dodged the highlights on his face a little to emphasize the sweat. I chose not to lessen the eye shadows. It was a hot, harsh Texas summer day, and I wanted the photo to portray that. His look of suffering went a long way to help that hehehehehe.

I wouldn't worry about getting everything perfectly lined up. You got the shot.

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