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Oct 17, 2007
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I have a roll of Kodak GC 400-9 Color Film. The high school darkroom I have access to only has BW paper. I am not sure if the chemicals are set up for the B&W paper, but im guessing they are. What would happen if I were to enlarge a color negative onto b&w paper, I am guessing it would look like crap. I accidently got my color and bw film mixed up and im kicking my self for it.
From what I've been told in my photography course, color negs can't be developed in B&W chemicals, but they can be turned into a B&W positive. I'd say to check with a photography teacher at your high school, they'd know best.
do you mean, you have the color negatives and want to make a print, or you have a roll of color film that needs developing?

if the film needs developing take it to a one hour photo lab, etc.

if you have the negatives, you can make a black and white print from that negative. the exposure times will be longer and the contrast will need to be increased . The grain pattern may not be what you want.

However, a print can be produced. How good it will look will vary as to the negative, your patience and darkroom skills.

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