Daughter #2


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Jan 9, 2006
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Quick pic of daughter number two any hints tips or otherwise is always welcome
Hello and welcome to the forum.

The only issue I see is how the bar of the playground equipment is blocking her chin. Composition of a scene is tricky and takes lots of practice. But on the other hand candid portrait are not sub post to be preface.
I guess a fill-in flash was used. If yes, the color temperature on her face is "shocking" me (far too extreme word, but I can't find something more moderate at the time). You should have used a longer focal, step one or two times backwards, so the flash would have been less "violent". But that's my point, not the Holy Bible. Try with a B&W frame, something like on the pictures I left in my thread.
willpops said:
I guess a fill-in flash was used. If yes, the color temperature on her face is "shocking" ---
I would think a simple level adjustment in Photoshop would help a lot with this issue
I think it's beautiful.....but It is my first time on this website & I am a total amateur/wannabe photographer!!!! ...And now preparing to have my confidence shattered by putting one of my pics up for comment!!!! Thats if I can work out how to put it on.
Thanks guys, The picture colours for me at least represent what she was like on the day (it was cold, wet, windy and she had been running about - she paused for a moment at the top of the climbing frame when I pressed the shutter. However if you could show me what you mean I can take it from there.

Jeemy you have more posts than me my friend so if I can post a picture then so can you...... ;)
It's not too bad at all. To my eye, there's a green tinge which is caused by her coat acting like a green reflector. It would be simple to reduce this in PS. Also, I think the colour saturation could do with a boost to bring out the gloves and coat nicely. I'd probably try desaturating the background a little to make her pop out of the scene.

Photographing kids is a nightmare - getting them stationary (or near) and with eyes open, no dribble, looking somewhere sensible, without something coming out their head.


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