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Oct 17, 2006
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Bradley, IL
:heart:A few months ago I went with Clark Kent to a local park so he could take family portraits of my niece and her boyfriend and their daughter (my little niece, Riley Ann). I also took family protrait pictures of them so I could get some experience. Would do you think? C/C welcome! Thanks for looking.


Riley with Mom & Dad

Thanks, Trish. Riley is about 6 mos old & I'm trying to gain some experience in portrait photography, and its seems like I have a long way to go.
Hey spacenut.. I think you captured a great expression on the infant's face, but I feel like the wood chips in the background drown her out...

Perhaps if she was more in focus and the wood chips not, it would be a more prominent image.

The 2nd is really sweet.

Nice job.
Well now! You have the right idea. That little Riley is a cutie. Nice looking family. Keep up the good work!
Looks like you did a good job. I love the color in the second one. Maybe a bit more light on the faces next time, but otherwise, really really nice.
first shot she needs to be 'warmed up' a bit.

second shot is really nice....can you try to bring out her eyes a bit, i reallize she has lots of eye liner on, but maybe brighten there just a bit?

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