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Mar 10, 2007
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The Magic Kingdom
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Another little oddity from the Hong Kong collection. This is nothing like I normally do - a real walking past something grab shot. It's out of focus, shows evidence of camera shake, and has a slight colour cast to it. I did a little to knock the edge off the highlights, exaggerated the colour cast, sharpened just a touch and added around 2.75% of Gaussian Blur to soften it and I love the result. The composition is what makes it work for me.

i like it too. The sort of photography I have always liked
There's probably not one single technical aspect in that photo that is correct, but its great. That's what I love about photography, there's a time and place for technical, but it never overrules artistic talent. Some of the best photos Ive seen were taken by street photographers with a old garage sale 35mm with a dirty lens, and fungus tint.

Just look at the popularity of Lomography..

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