Desert Sunset and a Cow


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Dec 1, 2011
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Some Where In the Desert
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I was on a nature walk through the desert looking for some animals to to snap pictures of with my new lens. Sun was starting to set and I was able to get a decent picture of the sunset during the golden hour.

desert_sunset_cropped by VIPGraphX, on Flickr

I came across this stable and I saw a black cow. The owner was outside so I was trying to get his attention. To ask if I could go onto his land and take some pictures of his horses and cows. I was in the process of pulling out the 70-200 to zoom into this cow and the owner yelled at me what I was doing and I was on private property and to leave. I was able to take one 3 bracketed photos with the wide lens and had to leave as he started coming my way with looked to be a shotgun...So no use of the 70-200 but still got 1 shot out of it.

cow by VIPGraphX, on Flickr

The story's that come with trying to get some decent scenery.....

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