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Dec 26, 2007
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Hello to everyone, I am new to htis website!

I have a Nikon D70 and am having a disaster of a time finding a good way to edit my photos. I was shooting in "Better" quality i.e. jpeg but I recently converted my memory card and started shooting in "Best" quality, otherwise known as the Nikon RAW format .NEF.

Traditional programs do not support NEF (such as photoshop). I recently bought PhotoImpact Pro 11 because it is supposed to work for NEF, but the program won't run properly. It keeps encountering a problem when the program is initializing (Message says "initializing u32raw.fio" and lists the problem as iedit.exe). I have spent 5 hours on the phone with their tech support and they can't figure out a solution. They claim the message means that a photo in "My Pictures" on the computer is corrupt, but we moved the photos out of this folder and the problem still persists.

Has anyone else had a problem finding a great editing program for NEF files? What do Nikon users use to edit their photos (besides the horrible Nikon PictureCapture that comes with the camera)?

Many Thanks!
I use photoshop and it works fine, you may need to download the updates for the software you are using.
PS you can Shoot Best Jpg, or RAW
One of my assistants shoots nef and it works just fine in both Lightroom and Photoshop.
I agree about the update thing. If that still doesn't work, you should have some software that came with your camera.
Hope that helps, and happy shooting!

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