Destin Beach Back At Ya !


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Jan 29, 2006
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Not where I thought I'd end up
Here is one taken at one of my client's home in Destiny... This walkover and the beachfront was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan... I'm guessing the scan/resizing, etc caused the grainy look to this. I've got a 11x14 print of this and it's as clear as can be.
Beautiful! A lot of the walkways were taken out by the hurricanes. They always come back though :) Was this taken during winter?
Has a surreal feel to it. A very nice shot. I kinda like the grainy quality. It almost looks like a painting.
No - it was taken in the summer a year before Ivan wiped it clean. This is in a private gated community so no people or trash on the beach - just beach! Amazing what you can buy for a measly 4.5 million, huh?
Cool shot D Dave. The blue sky is amazn!!
Thanks for the comments.
Hilde... When he sold that place he bought a yacht and condo in Lauderdale. I'd like to see what it'd go for now.
Chiller... Just a polarizing filter is all - no post-scan editing except for a slight crop.
Peter... Alas - I don't have PS or anything else very sophisticated. If you'd like to have a go at it, help yourself. I'm not sure I know what you have in mind so I'd like to see it too.

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