Did you take a picture of your Valentines Dinner?


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May 25, 2007
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Madoc, Ontario Canada
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I Did.. Bruschetta (not seen here), Seafood Fettuccine (shrimp and muscles) and some champagne... made by my wife (her year to do valentines day, my year for anniversary) no edits, just taken with my iPhone

DUDE that looks SO good...im starving!

thats an awesome pic for an iphone...i like the vignette...do you have an app that does that?...im an iphone user too and i thought about getting the 'camera bag' app.

we're gonna go hit up some sushi in a bit so i'll take a pic of my vday dinner too. :D
yea, i used camera bag to take this photo.. its a great app.. though i got it for free!!!

its got some great effects built into it... i also have tilt shift and a couple others
I forgot to take one tonight, but I can snap a picture of it tomorrow morning if you want.

I just saw on another forum I frequent that someone had posted pics of their Valentine's dinner. Very phallic. Very, um, "non" phallic--if you know what I mean. The chefs definitely were going for a certain look. It was subtle, but not that difficult to miss.
Here was mine .......Chinese sittin here at work................LOL

Beer & pizza for us. No pizza left, but I can take a picture of my beer if you want.
The kids wanted breakfast for dinner. We had waffles and bacon and sent them to our bedroom to watch TV so we could watch our recordings of Leno without being disrupted, LOL.

No romantic dinners when there's no one willing to babysit :(
We're doing our's tonight. I figured the resturants would be packed yesterday, didn't feel like waiting an hour or more to get a table. Still not 100% sure where we're going to go though...
We went to the Saturday night service at our church where they discussed the widespread problem of pornography. Twisted love on Valentine's Day. At least we were able to stick the kids in childcare and sit next to each other in uninterrupted peace for an hour! That's Valentine's Day for us! (oh, and Taco Bell on the way home...sad, I know)
My V-Day dinner got lamed...We where planning to go out but then it snowed, so we where debating on staying in. When she ran home to grab something, her mother decided got her high off her ass so we decided to stay in and I ended up throwing in a frozed pizza.

I gould get som pictures of the leftovers if you want :D

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