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Jun 29, 2003
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I've just started learning about photography. Can anyone help me understand the difference between a color negative film, color reversal film, color transparency film AND black and white films? Particularly... can contact sheets be made of all of them? and do all have the same processing technique in a lab? Thanks for the help. And any important, difficult thing that makes them different also. Thanks.


p.s. btw... hello to everyone!
That's a pretty involved lot of questions you have asked there.

Yes you can make a contact sheet of B&W shots, same goes for Colour prints. Transparencies are another matter, you could but why?

All three types are processed in a different way, different chemistry, although there is B&W film that is compatable with colour print chemistry.

Suggest a trip to a library, a couple of good books on photography will explain all of your concerns better than I can here.

Best of luck.

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