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JE Kay

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Mar 12, 2009
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SW Ontario
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This is just something I fired together while testing something out on the 40D this morning...Oh did I mention that it fired? Yep, 3 days old and I went to shoot something, hit the button aaaaand nothing. I looked - dead displays. Still powered on. Flipped the on/off and nothing. Did the usual to no avail, it just dumped. Called Henry's said 'You still got the 50D I bought the other day? Cool I'll be down in a hour to exchange the dead 40D I have in my hands.'

So it's back to the 50D, I'll have to live with 'its' noise issues. Oh well at least I have the micro adjustment feature to play with again...Whooo!!! :thumbup:

Anyway.... Just felt like throwing something up. Nothing special, if someone wants to play with it, go ahead. I was just bored. ;)

I really like the color.

I'm waiting for something to come out of the sky.

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