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David Cook

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Jan 21, 2008
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Hi All,
Just returned to photography after a few years off and have bought a Pentax K10D. I have from my old 35mm SLR the following: 28mm,50 mm and 135mm prime lenses All Pentax SMC----M.
Question is will they work? I know they fit ,but am frightened to press the shutter in case something starts to grind inside!!!
I've checked the manual but it makes no reference to the M lenses. It tells you an adapter may be needed for some other types but I'm a bit lost. All advice appreciated
They will work just fine.

Welcome to the forum.
Wow! Thanks for the rapid response. I assume that everything will need to be set in manual mode. Is that correct?
I'm not all that familiar with Pentax and their older lenses. If you have to set the aperture manually on the lens...then you may need to be in aperture priority or manual mode.
With some of the older may have some metering issues...but I guess you'll figure that out.

I'm sure if you search around, you will find the answers to your questions...there are plenty of Pentax users out there (although not a lot on this forum).

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