Digital workflow major problem has cropped up-need help!


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Feb 26, 2012
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This is a real nightmare, and I'm hoping someone can help. I have approx. 5,000 tom 7,000 scans on my hard drive (and they are backed up to other hard drives as well). I run Mac OSX 10.4 w/ Photoshop CS3. Monitor is a 30" Apple Cinema. What has happened is, literally overnight, all of my scans seemed to have picked up a huge amount of contrast, and also darkened much so as to render most of them virtuallu unusable. Has anyone else ever had, or heard of, a similar problem? As you can imagine, this is a nightmare beyone belief for me.....
Restore them from the backup.
The files shouldn't have changed on there own. You sure the monitor or video card is not the prob? If you restorte from back-up as 480sparky suggested you should know what the issue is.
Before you do anything, recalibrate your monitor.
I guarantee there is no virus that goes through your hard drive, subtracting intensity levels from each pixel.

When you wake up and you can't see, don't you turn on the light before you start yelling that you're blind?

Sane thing.
^^^ what he said.

Is your monitor calibrated? I just last week bought the i1 Display 2 hardware calibration tool that Scott Kelby recommends. It was a total night and day difference after the automated tool ran its course. Took about 10 minutes.

Amazon link to purchase:

Good luck!
Agreed. It isn't the files it's your monitor's calibration.

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