nice capture linda...I think I'd go for the simplicity of the bird alone in the sky tho by cropping the branches. just my feeling.
love the saturation in the sky! :D
beautiful blue! love the simple compo... agree with jonk there
thanks for sharing :)
I actually like the stuff in the bottom left corner. In a way it frames the photo, even if just in the corner. It gives you a sense of where the bird is at in the sky and it really lines up great.

But thats just me.

Great photo either way though.
you've shown a beautifully fluid bird ... nice going, calliopallie!
nice one calliope... they do always know where they're going dont they.... one thing i'v always wondered is why you never see a bird die in mid air!!?.... whilst flying?!...... does that ever happen?.... if it never happens and your a bird it figures to keep flying and never land!.....anywho nice pic :thumbup:
Cool shot Linda. What a blue sky ya got too.
I know what ya mean about birds...I have been having that question about crows... They know where they are going too...away from me and my camera.:lmao:
Thanks everyone! I know it's very simple but I liked it so I thought I'd share! :D

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