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Mar 28, 2005
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Peoria, IL USA
Hey everyone....it has been a while since I have checked in here, but I have a problem that needs solving.

I have a 20D and I was out shooting the other day and when I downloaded my shots I noticed that I had waterspots on all of my photos. So I cleaned my lens and then went out again today, and the same thing happened, so I changed lenses, and it was the same thing. Uh-Oh.

I took the lens off the body and put the camera into bulb mode, and took a look at the sensor. There appears to be water spots all over it, probably due to condensation, I don't remember dunking it in a lake or anything. Anyway, what is the best way to clean this thing, or do I have to send it in and get in professionally cleaned?

Any help would be appreciated,
Cleaning the sensor is par for the course with DSLR cameras. Some people do it once a week, some only do it once a year.

It's not a big deal because you are actually cleaning the glass filter that is over the sensor.

For dust, you can often use light methods to clean it, but when you have spots or sticky dust spots, a wet cleaning is called for. The standard method invloves some type of sensor swabs and cleaning fluid like Eclipse.

Google 'Sensor Cleaning pad/swabs' and you will get plenty of good info. You can take or send it in for cleaning...but it's not really that hard to do yourself.
I took the lens off the body and put the camera into bulb mode,

Don't EVER do this. Aside from the fact that you can damage a sensor by over exposing it to light the sensor surface is statically charged during an exposure and will attract more dust and grime like a vacuum cleaner.

All DSLRs have a sensor cleaning mode somewhere which opens the shutter without turning on the sensor, use that instead!
Awesome thank you for the info. Ill check into the sensor cleaning mode instead of the bulb mode. I was really worried about this, thanks again.

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