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Oct 18, 2007
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I have purchased a new HD tv and went to upgrade my direct tv service only to find out it will cost me $99.00 for the hd receiver and another $20.00 to ship it plus $9.99 a month rental fee. So I do what I do best, I researched other options . I can get dish network for the same package at $20.00 less a month plus there is no charge for the receiver or shipping and they will instal everything for free. This $20.00 is after the 6 month special rate I must add. So my question is does anybody have dish network because I am having a hard time pulling the trigger to cancel direct tv even though I feel I must.
I thought DirecTV was doing a free upgrade deal right now.
digital cable if you're in the area for it. I have it in my area and it's WAY better than dish anything...and it doesn't go down. I used to have driectv and then expressvu...cable is just better, and cheaper.
I use cable, it works excellent. (verizon Fios)

I'm not sure if it's better than satellite, however.
I don't see anywhere the word cable being asked above. CABLE is old news. You will never get a picture from cable like you can from a satelite dish especially if your talking about HD which I am. I asked my question because I am getting a new HD tv and needed input from people that have dish network.
There is no way you can compare what cable cost to what satelite cost because cable is usually more or at best equal. You can not even compare picture quality from cable to satelite I can't believe you guys aren't up on this stuff since your all about picture quality and the best glass. The 3-4 times a years a picture gets messed up by weather is a very minute price to pay for the quality picture you receive the rest of the 361 days. Anyway if anybody can tell me if they have dish network please do so but no more talk about cable please... lol
i dont have a dish, but i hate directv. do whatever you can to get rid of your directv
Why do you hate direct tv?
the weather problems are enough to make any person go insane. but what got me the most was when there'd be some kind of thunderstorm coming and i'd run inside to put on the weather channel to see if there were any warnings (before i had a computer) and i'd lose the picture. i was furious. lol... go ahead... make fun of the weather nerd...

on a more serious note, directv is having lots of problems with their receivers. my dad has gone through at least 3 in the past couple of months. and the last time it was replaced, the guy went through at least 5 before he found a non-faulty one. that kind of service just isnt worth the effort. i hope youve been luckier than my father has.
A friend of mine has had Dish Network for years and has had good service. I had DirecTv a couple of years ago, as they offered me the best deal at the time and I had no complaints about their service. So in my experience, I would not have any qualms about going with whoever offers the best deal for you. I have since switched to Cox Cable, the local cable, high speed and digital phone provider provider because of the convienience of one bill for three services, not wanting a dish on my house and have less outages, especially with weather that seem to happen all to frequently with satellite.
I have had both and both go out in the daily evening thunderstorm that are normal in South Florida summers.

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