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Aug 17, 2011
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Sacramento, CA
Hey all took a trip to Disneyland and here are a few would like your opinions.


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Been to Disneyland with my family last year, I know my kids loved it but I think I enjoyed it even more.
Being there with my love and our two kids was such an amazing experience that I will take this with me for many, many years to come :)
That first pic is CLASSY!

4th one has good balance, I like it.
Looks like you had fun. WoC is seriously amazing. I've seen it twice, blew me away both times.
Mostly typical snapshots from the vacation. There's not much here to entice the viewer to feel any emotion or attachment. Nothing wrong with that- we all have "holiday snaps"... They're just not something to expect to see hanging on the wall of The Louvre.
Thanks Geaux!

I think Geaux was being sarcastic. It is hard to see the whole card but it looks like it says "sexy as Fu_k" on her card. That is not classy by any grasp of the imagination.

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