Disposable camera and a pair of binoculars.

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by ferny, Sep 22, 2004.

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    There is a thread in the General forum about making your own fisheye lens (click) and comments by TwistMyArm and core_17 reminded me of these. They were taken in November. Long before I even thought about getting an SLR. Long before I even thought about getting a camera false stop really. I'll make this post quick and easy for me by qouting myself from another (bonsai) forum.

    "Here are three pictures of a heron that visits my garden from time to time. Admittedly they aren't of the best quality. They were all taken with a cheap disposable camera that was shoddy at best and with me leaning backwards up against the work surface in the kitchen. The second two were taken the same way but with me looking through one side of a pair of binoculars and the camera looking through the other. :D Not ideal but it's what I had to hand at the time.
    All things considered, I think they came out pretty well. :) "




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    Hey that's kinda neat!!!!

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